domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

300W FM amplifier with MOSFET technology

An ultra compact FM amplifier employing the latest RF techniques for an ultra-stable high effeciency design. This unit can be supplied with a universal input switched mode power supply. This can be used on any mains voltage system in the world. A built in heatsink and fan assembly provides more than adequate cooling to the unit ensuring 24 hour operation. On board harmonic filtering provides that needed reassurance that your signal is where it should be. With an attenuator it works perfectly with any exciter.
Supplied with a cooling fan for worry free 24 hour operation.
Technical specifications:- Power Output 300W - Power Input: 1W (1-10W with
this)- Harmonic Output -60dBc - Spurious Output -80dBc - Input Voltage (PA module) 48 volt 7.5 Amps - Input Voltage (Power supply) 90-270 VAC - Dimensions, PA 185mm x 100mm x 75mm (100mm inc 80mm fan)
If you need to drive this amplifier with more power, have a look at our attenuators
here. It will than be possible to drive this amplifier with any power level between 1W and 10W. Also do not forget that a small attenuator (1-3dB) is actually recommended as it ensures proper load to the driver in all conditions and increases stability of the entire system. Such attenuators are typically used in professional gear.
Asignatura: EES.
Alumno: Pedro Jose Contreras Urbina

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